John Shmonson
John Shmonson

|| Private Commission ||
John Shmonson tries hard to fit into Toril's humanoid societies, he really does! Though he passes as a human (just barely!), he is not one. His true form is that of the Mi-Go, the strange, crustacean/insectoid alien beings from another galaxy that travel the void in search of rare resources, both mineral and organic. John's real name is not pronounceable or describable in any humanoid language. He picked the name John because it sounded like a good, common human name. He initially forgot to pick a surname, so he made this one up under pressure, when he had to give his full name in order to rent a room in an inn.
John was sent to Toril as a scout of sorts. His 10-year mission is to blend in, learn all he can about the world and any valuable resources it might have, then report back to the Mi-Go so they can decide whether the world is worth harvesting.

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